Assessment of Psychological Readiness Situation of Students Starting to Primary School

  •  Medera Halmatov    


There are important responsibilities expected from primary school students. The most important of these are the learning of reading, writing and arithmetic. There is a “psychological readiness” aspect besides reading, writing and arithmetic in order to be ready for the school. In this study, among the first-grade students, those who were academically ready were compared with those who were psychologically ready. In this research, screening model is used from quantitative research methods. Screening surveys allow the answers of questions such as “what, where, when, how often, at what level, how” (Wellington, 2006). The population of the research was composed of the children who started to the first class of primary schools in the provincial center of Ankara and the provincial center of Agri in the 2016-2017 academic year. The sample group of the study consisted of 327 students. 80 girls and 75 male students out of 322 students are chosen from the schools in the provincial center of Ankara, and 87 girls and 80 boys are chosen from the schools in provincial center of Agri. While the number of literate students at the basic level is 95 before the school starts, only 46 students are able to link shoe laces. While a total of 255 students knew all the main colors before the school started, only 31 students knew their home address. In addition, 90 students were found to have problems complied with the school rules. 39 students are shy in the classroom.

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