The Inculcation of Critical Reflection through Reflective Learning Log: An Action Research in Entrepreneurship Module

  •  Yeoh Kheng    


Purpose–This study is part of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) grant to examine written reflective learning log among the students studying BPME 3073 Entrepreneurship in UUM.

Method–The data collection techniques is researcher-directed textual data through reflective learning log; obtained from students of one hundred forty. A qualitative thematic method was employed to examine the verbatim format of students’ reflections.

Findings–The empirical results found out majority of students have little academic experience in writing a piece of reflective textual learning log. Resultant in their incapability’s to reflect critically and thus; unable to translate their thinking in the written format. Data collected from three classes of Entrepreneurship registered fifty five percent (75 logs) of learning log as Level 1 (descriptive writing); therefore they were not suitable for further analysis. The remaining 61 reflective learning logs were used for the textual data examination. The students’ reflections on their Entrepreneurship’s experience can be categorize systematically into four different themes comprised of (1) The nature of Entrepreneurship module, (2) Entrepreneurial characteristics, (3) Opportunity recognition, and (4) Creativity & innovation.

Significance–The results of this research have strongly suggested the need to urgently develop among the students the skills in writing reflectively as they go through the process of higher education which is useful in molding their future professional and entrepreneurial behavior as when they entered the job market which requires a critical reasoning ability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.