An Investigation of Pre-Service Primary School Teachers’ Attitudes towards Digital Technology and Digital Citizenship Levels in Terms of Some Variables

  •  Serdar Ciftci    
  •  Soner Aladag    



This study aims at investigating the relationship between pre-service primary school teachers’ attitudes towards digital technology and digital citizenship scale levels. The research was designed in descriptive survey model. The data collection tools were “Attitude Scale for Digital Technology” (ASDT) developed by Cabi (2016) and “Digital Citizenship Scale” (DCS) developed by Isman and Gungoren (2014). Some of the research findings are as follows: While there is a statistically insignificant difference between pre-service teachers’ scores from two scales in terms of the variable of gender, the variable of class creates a statistically significant difference between the scores from two scales. The scores from the Attitude Scale for Digital Technology was not affected by the number of years pre-service teachers had spent using the Internet, whereas the same variable affected their Digital Citizenship Scale scores. When the correlations were analyzed, it was seen the relationship between digital attitude and digital citizenship was positive and significant, i.e. as the digital attitude scores of the participants increase, so do their digital citizenship scores.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.