Preparation of a Learning Module for Entrepreneurship Course at Economic Education Study Program of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Sriwijaya University

  •  Firmansyah Firmansyah    
  •  Rusmin Rusmin    


The objective of this study was to prepare teaching materials in the form of entrepreneurship learning module to be used as a handbook in the classroom learning process. Entrepreneurship lecture of study program at FKIP UNSRI has various material differences delivered in lecturing activity. One of the objectives to be achieved in this study was to obtain a general description of the entrepreneurship learning materials that should be the subject. 14 materials obtained from the results of data processing from questionnaires given to lecturers of entrepreneurship courses were as follows: the scope of entrepreneurship, determination of ideas and entrepreneurial opportunities, business plan, innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship, the concept of management in entrepreneurship, marketing strategy and the concept of Break Event Point (BEP), subject of entrepreneurial ethics, entrepreneurial mindset, competitive strategy, motivation theory in entrepreneurship, risk management of customer behavior and the path to successful entrepreneurship. The materials obtained from this data processing were then used as a guide for the preparation of entrepreneurship learning modules starting from the preliminary study, in the form of needs analysis of the learning module and found out that entrepreneurship learning module needed to be prepared to support the achievement of learning objectives. The next step was to map the module based on the syllabus to obtain the title of the module developed, followed by the preparation of the opaque module and the module writing stages containing the introductory section (introduction, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, description, module usage guide, glossary), section of learning materials (14 Materials) and references. Finally the entrepreneurship learning module for the students was prepared.

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