The Level of History Teachers’ Use Active Learning Methods and Technics

  •  Sefa YILDIRIM    
  •  Ozkan AKMAN    
  •  Bulent ALAGOZ    


An experience theory is required if the education is to be wisely carried out (John Dewey). Education is a discipline that saves lives if it is qualified, but loss of which could not be made up throughout generations if it is not qualified. The roots of society are based on the education, and educated masses and civilizations could either move into the future or could fall behind in the race of becoming civilized. The classical education notion which stays on the level of theory and is carried out, centering the teacher is being left by the developed countries and replaced with the education notion which centers the student and structures information by benefiting from experiences, thus aims to lead civilization race with citizens knowing the ways to reach the information and aware of their duties and responsibilities. While Kurt Lewin says nothing is as practical as a good theory, he also catches attention to the new education notion centering student that has changed and is changing. In this scope, the aim of this study is analyze how often active learning methods are used by history teachers through several variables. In the light of the data, after analysis results and explanations made in accordance with these results are written, the study is concluded with suggestions

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