The Effect of Peer Assessment on the Evaluation Process of Students

  •  Jawaher Alzaid    


This study aims at finding out the effect of peer assessment on the evaluation process of students. The hypothesis underlying this study is that assessment is an integral part of the learning process, which should play an important role in the educational model. The current study will emphasize the importance of using peer assessment as a tool to engage students in the evaluation process, clarify the role of peer assessment in promoting student learning, diversify the scope of the evaluation through the frameworks of theory and methodology to get to understand the uses and limitations of peer assessment as a tool for assessment, and discuss the goals and benefits that can be achieved by the students from practicing peer assessment in accordance with scientific standards and bases, which emphasize active participation of the students in their learning and responsibility. Additionally, this study will check the credibility of peer assessments as a suitable tool in the assessment process. Findings show that there is a statistically significant relationship between the assessment of peers to each other, as well as between peer assessment and teacher assessment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.