Rethinking What Is Entrepreneurship Education: A Macro Integrative Perspective

  •  Hongyun Wu    
  •  Jibao Gu    


Research on entrepreneurship education (EE) has encountered confusing ontological and methodological issues, such as definitional controversy, gaps between research and practice, and lack of theoretical foundations. These are factors holding back the further development of the research and practice in this field. This paper presents a whole picture of EE by exploring key factors involved in EE programs such as objective, audience, content and method, and assessment with a macro integrative perspective. In this way, it points out the disintegrated micro perspectives employed in prior studies is the source of inadequate understanding of EE, which causes issues and confusions in present EE research. The macro integrative perspective offered by this paper provides an innovative way to tackle these issues and hence is expected to contribute to the further improvement of EE research and practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.