Modeling the Association between Deliberative Beliefs and Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Teachers

  •  Chun-wen Lin    


Aristotle proposed that deliberation in the political arena facilitates citizens’ abilities to deliberate about the ultimate interests of human beings, identify the highest human benefit achievable given the circumstances, and develop moral virtues and good deeds. Appealing to Aristotelian deliberation, this study investigates the relationships among normative deliberative beliefs, personal deliberative beliefs, and organizational citizenship behavior among senior/vocational high school teachers. A survey was completed by 202 Taiwanese senior/vocational high school teachers. The results, derived from structural equation modeling, reveal that the direct contribution of normative deliberative beliefs to organizational citizenship behavior was rather weak, but personal deliberative beliefs contribute significantly to the organizational citizenship behavior in teachers. Implications for these findings are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.