The Effect of A Training Program in Improving First Classes Teachers Skills in Dealing with Special Needs Students in Regular Classroom in Amman

  •  Heyam Al-Taj    
  •  Alia Al-Oweidi    


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of a training program in improving first classes female teachers’ skills in dealing with special needs students in regular classroom among a sample of private schools female teachers in Amman. The study adopted the quasi-experimental approach based on two equivalent groups, as the sample consisted of (30) teachers distributed into two groups; an experimental group (n=15), a control group (n=15). To achieve the aim of the study, a scale to measure the level of teachers skills was developed consisting of (23) items administrated on the sample before and after the program which contained of (6) training sessions. The findings showed that the training program was effective in developing teachers’ skills in dealing with special needs students, as the means of the experimental group developed on all sub-domains and the total degree of the scale. The findings showed that the post-performance of the control group was (2.11), meanwhile, it was for the experimental group (3.46), this indicates a difference in the performance of both groups. Moreover, the findings showed that there were no significant statistical differences in the extent of benefiting of the program according to years of experience and scientific qualifications variables. The study recommended the need to re-apply the program on other samples in other schools teaching special needs students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.