Examination of the Level of Adequacy of Sports Facilities in Terms of Popularization of Sports in Bingol

  •  Omer CELIK    
  •  Sureyya SEZER    
  •  Mustafa KARADAG    
  •  Yuksel SAVUCU    
  •  Mikail TEL    
  •  Baha CELIKEL    


In this study, the level of adequacy of sports facilities in Bingol province in terms of popularization of sports in the city and the general tendency of the citizens of Bingol province towards sports were examined. A total of 610 volunteers from various professions, age groups and gender groups from Bingol city center participated in this study. Questionnaires were applied to the subjects who participated. There are 31 questions in the questionnaire. The sample group of tradesmen and their customers in Bingol province were contacted by random sampling method. Survey questions were asked face to face for the purpose of getting the necessary data for the goal of the research. In the evaluation of the obtained data, the frequency and percentage distributions were calculated and tested by applying the Chi-square test to see if there are any relationships between the variables. In the light of this research, it is observed that a large majority of people living in Bingol are interested in sports, and football is the first among all sports branches of interest. The most important factor preventing sports being more widespread was found to be the lack of adequate sports facilities in the city, and it was also observed that public institutions and organizations lack their own sports facilities. For sports programs and facilities to be newly constructed, the public's interest and expectations should be taken into account. It has also been understood that in order to popularize mass sports events in Bingol, the number of sports facilities and sports clubs should be increased too.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.