A Language Teacher’s Reflection on Maladaptive Immunity, Possible Selves and Motivation

  •  Eser Ordem    


The concept of language teacher immunity as productive and maladaptive system has emerged in very recent years, although motivation has been incrementally studied in second language field. It is important to establish a relationship between language teacher immunity, possible selves and motivation. This study aimed to focus on a teacher’s conception and views of adaptive skill, self and motivation while dealing with problems in a certain foreign language classroom environment. The case study was idiographic, longitudinal and phenomenographic. Semi-structured interview, diary and the students’ online feedback tools were used to collect data. The relationship between the teacher’s reflection on the class and the students’ feedback was observed for 14 weeks. The results showed that the teacher showed maladaptive behaviors with low motivation with constant reflection on her previous experiences and possible ideal self and high self-efficacy in a classroom setting.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.