Mathematical Critical Thinking and Curiosity Attitude in Problem Based Learning and Cognitive Conflict Strategy: A Study in Number Theory course

  •  Zetriuslita Zetriuslita    
  •  Wahyudin Wahyudin    
  •  Jarnawi Jarnawi    


This research aims to describe and analyze result of applying Problem-Based Learning and Cognitive Conflict Strategy (PBLCCS) in increasing students’ Mathematical Critical Thinking (MCT) ability and Mathematical Curiosity Attitude (MCA). Adopting a quasi-experimental method with pretest-posttest control group design and using mixed method with sequential explanatory strategy, the study involves undergraduate students of Mathematics Education Program at a private university in Riau, Indonesia, academic year 2015/2016 enrolled in Number Theory course. Quantitative data were obtained from essay test and questionnaire whereas qualitative data were from interview and observation. The findings show that; (1) there is a difference between MCT ability taught by PBLCCS and Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI), (2) there is no significant difference between MCA taught by PBLCCS and EDI, (3) students still face obstacles in developing their critical thinking skills when solving matematical problems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.