Animation Augmented Reality Book Model (AAR Book Model) to Enhance Teamwork

  •  Wannaporn Chujitarom    
  •  Pallop Piriyasurawong    


This study aims to synthesize an Animation Augmented Reality Book Model (AAR Book Model) to enhance teamwork and to assess the AAR Book Model to enhance teamwork. Samples are five specialists that consist of one animation specialist, two communication and information technology specialists, and two teaching model design specialists, selected by purposive sampling. The instrument used in the study was an evaluation form for the Book Model. Statistics used in the study were arithmetic mean and standard deviation. The result shows that: an AAR Book Model to enhance teamwork achieved contains four components. Firstly, requirement analysis to create animation augmented reality; including 1) Objective setting, 2) Content analysis, 3) Student analysis, 4) Environment Analysis, 5) Teacher analysis, and 6) Creating animation augmented reality as a teaching material to motivate students. Secondly, teaching method: 1) Using gamification to motivate learning and practice; 2) Assigning students to work in teams and make a presentation. Thirdly, evaluating teamwork, conducted via teachers’ observation and creating an integrated scoring rubric. Lastly, analysis of feedback: All five specialists agreed that the AAR Book Model to enhance teamwork developed through this study has a highest level of suitability (= 4.75, S.D. = 0.04).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.