Application of Education Management and Lesson Study in Teaching Mathematics to Students of Second Grade of Public School in District 3 of Tehran

  •  Masoumeh Farhoush    
  •  Parisima Majedi    
  •  Mohammadreza Behrangi    


The present paper studies the effects of lesson study as a sample of participative researches in classroom as well as Behrangi Education Management Model in courses by aiming at exploring and allowing students to use the indexes of course concepts as an effective model in learning. The research plan is pre-test, posttest with control group type. In this research, first the characteristics of lesson study in professional development of teachers through participative research and improving students’ learning have been studied, followed by discussing the ten commands or ten steps of implementing education management model in teaching curriculum as well as using modern and suitable teaching models. The subjects were selected at random from five lesson study pilot schools in district 3 and were taught and tested accordingly. The measurement tools which are used in this research included teacher-developed education progress test underwent contents validity and reliability examination and their reliability was examined by reliability method which was agreed by assessor. That is, the papers were given to a number of paper correctors for scoring. The scoring scale was 1 to 14. The teaching was carried out in two methods of lesson study and education management for teaching mathematics to second grade boy students at public elementary schools in district 2 of Tehran and the effects were measured on three groups of students in pre-test and posttest methods. The results from analyzing research data showed the average mathematics score in education management model in pretest was 9.85 and in posttest, it was 11.26; while, the average mathematics scores in lesson study group in pre-test was 9.19 and in posttest, it was 9.04. In the control group, those scores were 9.75 in pre-test and 9.65 in posttest. The average score in mathematics lesson in education management group showed considerable increase compared to the lesson study method group. The research hypothesis of the research showed education management model led to increase in mathematics learning of students; while, lesson study did not show tangible effects on mathematics learning of students. This research can be carried out in higher school grades and in other courses in Tehran for providing more complementary studies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.