The Development of Instructional Materials E-Learning Based On Blended Learning

  •  Andi Kristanto    
  •  Mustaji Mustaji    
  •  Andi Mariono    


The use of e-learning is becoming the global issue now. In an educational field, there are many institutions already use it. The study very important aimed to test the feasibility and effectiveness the development of instructional materials e-learning based on the blended learning in audio/radio media development course. The background laid behind the problem is the experience the students had that is having difficulties in developing the audio/radio media manuscript. This caused by the limited time lecturer had to explain the screenwriting material, and duration the students had to write the audio/radio script, so it affected the lack of students’ understanding of the course material also to the students’ scriptwriting result which is not feasible to produce yet. Standard mastery of the subject specified within 6 (six) weeks in maximum, and the students should have been able to develop the script established on the rules of production. Thus, the outcome of this research would be the e-learning-based instructional materials based on blended learning, Semester Lesson Plan (SLP) audio/radio media. This inquiry aims at the improvement of the quality of the work of the audio/radio manuscript. This study implements the Research and Development methodology which is based on the steps generally refers to the opinion of Borg and Gall. The R & D steps was done with modified to simplify it into three main stages, namely the introduction, the development, and testing. Data obtained from the learning experts get the percentage of 91.67%, the course professionals and media specialists each earn a percentage of 100%. Based on these data, the model of blended learning instructional materials for the development of audio/radio media course that have been developed could be the solution of the research question stated that blended learning models of instructional materials that have been evolved are practical for use in learning instructional activity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.