“Careful, Now You Are both the Learner and the Teacher!”: Student Teachers’ Evaluation of Inquiry-Based Peer Lecturing as a Tool in Teacher Training

  •  Dominique-Esther Seroussi    
  •  Yossi Yaffe    
  •  Rakefet Sharon    


Linking between pedagogical content knowledge and high-level subject-matter knowledge in science teacher training remains a challenge. This paper analyses the reaction of beginning student teachers to an activity designed for this purpose, peer lecturing. This activity was a part of the requirements of an introductory zoology course, and included students’ literature inquiry processes oriented to answer a question linked to the course’s contents, followed by whole class presentation of the knowledge acquired in the inquiry. According to students’ view, it seems that the inquiry component and the peer learning component of the activity induced original characteristics in the activity concerning student teachers’ self-concept, students’ beliefs about the level of knowledge needed to teach science, their treatment of prior conceptions, and multiple sources of reflective thinking on science teaching. On the basis of these results, the further development of teacher training activities is envisioned.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.