Relationship between Student’s Self-Directed-Learning Readiness and Academic Self-Efficacy and Achievement Motivation in Students

  •  Nasim Saeid    
  •  Tahere Eslaminejad    


Self-directed learning readiness to expand and enhance learning, This is an important goal of higher education, Besides his academic self-efficacy can be improved efficiency and Achievement Motivation, so understanding how to use these strategies by students is very important. Because the purpose this study is determination of relationship between students self-directed learning and academic self-efficacy and Achievement Motivation in Payamnoor students (2012-2013). In a correlation-descriptive study 322 bachelor students were selected from Payamnoor University of Rafsanjan (2014-2015) through a Simple random sampling. Data collection was SDL questionnaire, academic self-efficacy questionnaire and Achievement Motivation questionnaire. Data were analyzed by multiple regression, simple regression, variance analysis and T-test. The obtained findings from this research showed that there is a relation between student’s Self-directed learning readiness and academic self-efficacy and academic motivation in Students University of Payamnoor. Also Independence in learning and Study skills and problem solving has the most ability for academic self-efficacy and academic motivation prediction and there was the most correlation.

According to results and that self-directed learning readiness to enhance self-efficacy and academic motivation, it is necessary to teach strategies to students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.