Perceptions of Employees in the Effects of Decision-Making and Leadership Styles on Relationships and Perceived Effectiveness in King Saud University Development Context

  •  Nouf Jomah    


Leadership is crucial in all facets of humanity as it enhances personal, organisational, and national socio-economic growth and development. By portraying a great vision, a leader acknowledges their followers’ efforts to maximise performance within the organisation. Leaders inspire their followers to achieve beyond their expectations by providing guidance to their followers, nurturing an environment of trust, and encouraging their followers to rise above their self-interests for the sake of the organisation. This study examines leadership, decision making, and, in particular, the effects of the perceptions of employees on decision-making and leadership styles on relationships and perceived effectiveness in the context of development at King Saud University. The study takes a quantitative approach to analysing the research findings and gives conclusions and recommendations for future study, based on the presented arguments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.