The Effect of Practical Presentations’ Strategy on the Achievement of the Ninth Graders Students of the Pre-Vocational Education Subject in Shobak District Schools

  •  Haroon Al Tawarah    
  •  Omar Mahasneh    
  •  Nourah Al-Hawartheh    


The present research was conducted to evaluate the effect of using practical presentations on the achievement of the ninth graders students in pre-vocational education subject in Shobak district schools, in comparison to the prevailing method, and identify whether there are differences attributed to the gender variable. To answer the questions, the study was applied to an experimental sample in two schools of Shobak district consisting of (46) male and female students from the ninth grade for the academic year 2015/2016, who studied the pre-vocational education by using the practical presentation method, and a control group in two schools consisting of (46) students studied by using the lecturing method. The results of the study showed statistically significant differences between mean scores of members of the two groups (the experimental),male and female and (the control), male and female in the post-test application in favor of the of the experimental group that used practical presentations. The results also showed the absence of statistically significant difference at the significance level (0.05) attributed to the gender variable in the achievement of the experimental group.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.