Body, Gender, and Sexualities Approaches in the Political-Pedagogical Project in a High School in Brazil

  •  Alfrancio Dias    
  •  Danilo de Oliveira    
  •  Maria Cruz    
  •  Simone Amorim    


The aim of this text is to analyse how the themes of body, gender and sexuality have been positioned in the Political-Pedagogical Project, a document that provides guidelines for all educational actions in a school, in a public state school located in the city of Aracaju (SE). We have adopted a post-critical and post-structuralist perspective, problematizing the processes of signification and how they influence the knowledge production and social relations, from the authors’ readings: Carvalho (2010), Foucault (1988), Louro (2010), Scott (1995), Butler (2010). Methodologically, we have developed a quantitative approach, from the documental analysis in a cultural and social perspective. We have verified that body, gender and sexuality themes are introduced superficially, causing to be linked to lack of familiarity, as well as to the absence of initial and continued education formation of the school agents.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.