Fragmentation of Thinking Structure’s Students to Solving the Problem of Application Definite Integral in Area

  •  Kadek Wibawa    
  •  Toto Nusantara    
  •  Subanji Subanji    
  •  I Parta    


This study aims to reveal the fragmentation of thinking structure’s students in solving the problems of application definite integral in area. Fragmentation is a term on the computer (storage) that is highly relevant correlated with theoretical constructions that occur in the human brain (memory). Almost every student has a different way to construct a problem. That’s very interesting to finding a process of thinking students. Researcher works in three cases. The findings of this study were two in every case, which the fragmentation whole construction and fragmentation construction pseudo. Data this study a full description and in-depth exploration of the students majoring in mathematics education since high school that has been learned about the material Integral course and the area.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.