Drama-Based Science Teaching and Its Effect on Students’ Understanding of Scientific Concepts and Their Attitudes towards Science Learning

  •  Osama Abed    


This study investigated the effect of drama-based science teaching on students’ understanding of scientific concepts and their attitudes towards science learning. The study also aimed to examine if there is an interaction between students’ achievement level in science and drama-based instruction. The sample consisted of (87) of 7th grade students from a public male school in Amman-Jordan; (46) in the experimental group and (41) in the control group. A pre-post Scientific Concepts Test (SCT) and Attitudes towards Science Learning Scale (ATSLS) were administered. The results indicate that there were statistically significant differences between the study groups in favour of students in the experimental group on both study variables, with no interaction between the teaching method and the students’ achievement level in science. The study recommends employing drama in teaching science.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.