Chinese Environment or Western Environment: Which Choice the Art Education Should Make at the Crossroads?

  •  Yingying Qiao    
  •  Li Zhang    


In twenty years since reforming and opening up, China has developed an active and stable road of reform belonging to her, and the art circle has immediately become the swiftest industry. Especially in the 21st century, with the development of globalization, the economic strength of China is continually strengthened and the comprehensive national strength is continually enhanced, which offers the extended platform for art education and a new opportunity for the development of various colleges. At the present time, China art education is in the new primary stage of continual improvement and reform, and the change of environment compels we must reconsider the challenges what we face. Whether the education system under traditional mode can adapt the development of new situation? Whether it is feasible to blindly exclude external culture? Facing new problems, we must adopt new methods. As viewed from artists’ views, this article analyzed problems existing art education from various aspects, and aiming at the combination of different art education types with the social education mode on multiple layers such as science, ethic and culture, we introduce the new education concept of “ecological view of art” and study that from our own opinions.

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