The Feasibility of Applying PBL Teaching Method to Surgery Teaching of Chinese Medicine

  •  Qianli Tang    
  •  Yuan Yu    
  •  Qiuyan Jiang    
  •  Li Zhang    
  •  Qingjian Wang    
  •  Mingwei Huang    


The traditional classroom teaching mode is based on the content of the subject, takes the teacher as the center and gives priority to classroom instruction. While PBL (Problem Based Learning) teaching method breaches the traditional mode, combining the basic science with clinical practice and covering the process from discussion to self-study to re-discussion and re-self-study, and students become into the active role of learning under this teaching method,. This research finds that PBL teaching method is welcomed and accepted by most of the students and teachers, and it will improve the abilities such as understanding, comprehensive analysis, diagnostic identification and treatment application. It is feasible to apply PBL method in teaching surgery of Chinese medicine.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.