Evaluating Current Status of MA Educational Technology Curriculum in Iran from Viewpoint of Experts and Professors in Order to Offering a Desirable Curriculum

  •  Mohammad Rahmanpour    
  •  Mohammad-Javad Liaghatdar    
  •  Fereydoon Sharifian    
  •  Mehran Rezaee    


The aim of this research is evaluating status of MA field of educational technology in Iran. This research is qualitative and it is conducted based on survey method. The statistical community of this research is expert professors in educational technology area. Accordingly, 15 persons were chosen among this statistical community as statistical sample using objective sampling of desirable cases. Used tool was semi-structured interview. Questions of the interview were determined based on research questions and five expert professor confirmed its content and apparent validity. The interview was conducted face-to-face during 30 to 60 minutes. Collected information was initially classified and then it was analyzed by category method. Results of the research indicated that from viewpoint of professors, the ‘current’ curriculum does not meet the needs and expectations of students in scope of objectives, content and topics, strategies of learning-teaching and assessment methods. Results that are more precise showed a minimum attention of current curriculum to ‘empowerment’ and ‘attitude’ of students in this field. The offered curriculum of professors for more desirable status emphasized on entrepreneurship and empowerment objectives of students and various, student-oriented educational strategies and practical combined assessment methods.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.