Theory and Practice of Chinese-English Bilingual Teaching in Circuit Course

  •  Xiao Chen    


The Chinese-English bilingual teaching in the circuit course is an important approach to foster innovational talents for the electronic industry in the new century. In this article, we analyze the background, applicability and feasibility of bilingual teaching in the course of circuit and the difficulties facing in the process of implementation. We explore various approaches and methods to overcome these difficulties and obtain better effects from many aspects such as teaching materials, teachers, teaching method and students. Taking the teaching contents of the first chapter in the course of circuit as an example, we adopt new Chinese-English bilingual teaching system and modes to make students grasp the basic theory and method of circuit, foster students’ English thinking abilities, combine the theoretic teaching of scientific and technologic English and the theoretic teaching of circuit, and enhance students’ international competitive consciousness and international competitive ability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.