The Research on Strategies of College English Teachers Classroom Questioning

  •  Cao Wangru    


Questioning is one of the most frequently used strategies in classroom teaching, as well as the most influential teaching skill. It is a useful way for teachers to output information, to convey information and to obtain feedback from students. Teachers can also use it to communicate with their students. Effective questioning in class can encourage students to give relative and complete answers. It can activate students’ thought, develop their recognition and organize the class as well. However, there is little research in teachers’ questioning, especially in which teachers’ questioning and students’ expectations are combined. This study aims to explore the teachers’ questioning characteristics from the following aspects: the types of questions, the ways of answering questions, questioning strategies, the distribution of questions, wait time and feedback in college EFL class. The results may contribute to the teachers’ questioning and the second language acquisition in EFL classrooms; meanwhile it may train students’ language competence and improve the efficiency of teaching quality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.