The Research of Effectiveness of Ideological Political and Theories Curriculum Teaching (IPTCT) in China: Development and Problems

  •  Liangliang Wang    
  •  Mingfang Fan    
  •  Feng Zhang    


Researchers have long been interested in how to improve the effectiveness of IPTCT courses in Chinese educational institutions. This article provides a framework for understanding the research undertaken into the effectiveness of IPTCT in China’s higher education system over the past ten years, from 2006 to 2015. It begins with a discussion of the special position held by IPTCT in China and the importance of undertaking effective studies into IPTCT. After reviewing the research on effective teaching theory within IPTCT research, describing the current research development in China, in the next section, the reasons for the use of historical and document methodology used in this paper are also examined. Next, a literature review and analysis of data collected from over a ten-year period publications in this field of study is undertaken. Then, the review highlights the six main areas identified by researchers to determine the effectiveness of IPTCT courses, including concept research; class teaching; teaching method; practice teaching; discipline innovation as well as student engagement. Furthermore, three research problems are examined which highlight the complexity of undertaking research into the effectiveness of IPTCT. The article concludes by exploring implications for future research into the effectiveness and suggestions for IPTCT teachers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.