Do Class and School Size Matter? A Crucial Issue to School Improvement

  •  Elizabeth Cornelius    
  •  Raffaella Gaines    
  •  Tara Gautney    
  •  Gresha Johnson    
  •  Robyn Rainer    
  •  Charles E. Notar    
  •  Shelia A. Webb    


Students in a first year Master’s degree seminar were asked to find the answer to the question “Do Class and School Size Matter as A Crucial Issue to School Improvement?” The paper the students wrote is based on a review of the literature. The students determined that the question had several issues to be addressed before they could answer the question. The issues researched were Student to Teacher Ratio, Resource Availability, Test Scores, Minority students, Extracurricular Activities, Attitude, and Security. The research then led them to make a discussion of Class size, Schools within Schools, Small Schools, and Small is not Better.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.