The Study of the Development of Writing Skill in the Textbooks of the Action-Oriented Approach, a Case of Iranian Learners of FFL

  •  Motahareh Moradian    
  •  Rouholah Rahmatian    


This paper analyses the written competence and corpus of Iranian learners of French at two levels (A1 and A2). The data were collected in a quantified and qualified manner with auto evaluation grids and narrative text writing to analyze the action-oriented approach textbooks’ efficiency in writing. Basically the approach of the three manuals, Alter ego, Echo and Connexions advantaging of the implicit approach grammar teaching, calls into question their effectiveness regard to the written skill. The Alter ego manual is less effective in the teaching of writing skills and in return the Echo manual is more. This difference was especially remarkable about the Content of written productions of three groups of learners. In the Iranian context that we are the only inductive approach does not meet the student needs who are used to learn the traditional manner grammar.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.