Examining Technology Perception of Social Studies Teachers with Rogers’ Diffusion Model

  •  Ozkan Akman    
  •  Erol Kocoglu    


Mobile learning has started to take place in education literature with the developing technology, and this technology started to have an increasing spread along with its advantages. This study examines the responses of social studies teachers to the innovations in the field of mobile learning. The study was designed within the framework of theory of diffusion of innovations by Rogers and 161 social studies teachers have participated in it. Data was collected by m-Learning Adoption Scale (MLAS) which is developed by Celik and analyzed in SPSS 18.0 package program. According to the results of this study, approximately 65% of social science teachers are within the groups that give the most positive response to diffusion of innovations theory on mobile learning (innovators, early adopters, and early majority). Also, the characteristics of mobile learning have a descriptive impact on the teachers’ ability to embrace the innovations about mobile learning and to give positive decisions on using it. The study has suggested to develop new reactions for innovations and to develop the mobile learning content through collaborative approach by all the stakeholders in education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.