Development of Program to Enhance Strategic Leadership of Secondary School Administrators

  •  Pimpisa Chatchawaphun    
  •  Suwat Julsuwan    
  •  Boonchom Srisa-ard    


This research aimed to 1) study principles, attributes and skills needed for secondary school administrators, 2) investigate current situations, desirable conditions and needs for strategic secondary school administrators, 3) develop a strategic secondary school administrator enhancement program, and 4) explore the efficiency level of the strategic secondary school administrator enhancement program by using the developmental research process. Sampling and data collection were as follows: step one, collect data from the relevant literature, publications, online research and academic databases regarding leadership and strategic leadership. Moreover, in-depth interviews were conducted with 7 informants while the elements of strategic leadership were verified by 7 experts. Step 2, 369 directors, deputy directors and heads of the planning programs were consulted for studying current conditions of strategic leadership and needs in development of a strategic secondary school administrator enhancement program. Step 3 required 7 experts to evaluate and comment on the program. Step 4 required a group of 15 directors from 4 schools under the Office of Secondary Schools Services Area Zone 30 for efficiency assessment. Research instruments were an interview form, a questionnaire, and an evaluation form. Statistics used in data analysis and verification were percent, means, standard deviation, Modified Priority Needs Index (PNImodified) and Independent t-test. The research results showed that the strategic leadership for secondary school administrators’ enhancement program consisted of 3 modules as module 1 principles of strategic leadership, module 2 strategic leadership attributes and module 3 strategic leadership skills. The application of the program showed that the participants receiving the development for the secondary school administrators’ enhancement program had higher strategic leadership after the development than before, and managed the school more efficiently.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.