Evaluation of the Third Class Science Text Book from the Teacher’s Perspective at Madaba Municipality

  •  Osama Kraishan    
  •  Ismail Almaamah    


This study aimed at evaluating the science textbook of the third grade primary school in Jordan from the point of view of the teachers who have taught this textbook, in order to find out how suitable and relevant this textbook is to the structure of the curriculum and its guidelines, by trying to answer this question: What is the evaluation of science textbook of the third grade from the standpoint of science teachers in the following aspects: general appearance, the book’s introduction, content of the book, aids and activities in the book, the contribution of the book to the development of students’ attitudes toward science, evaluation methods contained in the book, the appropriateness of the number of weekly classes to the content of the book, the availability of laboratories and the necessary materials to carry out activities, and finally the language of the book. The study population consisted of all 110 science teachers in governmental schools in Madaba who have taught the science textbook. While The study sample consisted of (51) teachers who were selected randomly, then the researchers prepared a questionnaire as an instrument for their study consisting of (62) paragraphs displayed by a number of arbitrators and specialists for the sake of verifying its validity and reliability, and it covers nine aspects. Results related to study main question showed that the total score of teachers evaluating for science textbook of the third grade was high as the percentage reached (70.6), and this is evident that the Jordanian experience in curriculum development and design is a rich experience and with high level, parallel with the experiences of other countries. Finally, the researchers recommend that science teachers and their supervisors should necessarily take part in designing the science textbook because they are only the ones who work with it. They also recommend that more studies on science textbooks should be done for the sake of the development of its curriculums.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.