Solving Geometric Problems by Using Algebraic Representation for Junior High School Level 3 in Van Hiele at Geometric Thinking Level

  •  Abi Suwito    
  •  Ipung Yuwono    
  •  I Parta    
  •  Santi Irawati    
  •  Ervin Oktavianingtyas    


This study aims to determine the ability of algebra students who have 3 levels van Hiele levels. Follow its framework Dindyal framework (2007). Students are required to do 10 algebra shaped multiple choice, then students work 15 about the geometry of the van Hiele level in the form of multiple choice questions. The question has been tested levels of validity and reliability. After learning abilities and levels van Hiele algebra, students were asked to answer two questions descriptions to determine the ability of students in answering the question of algebraic geometry punctuated by interviews. From this study illustrated that students who have achieved level 3 van Hiele able to properly solve problems of algebraic geometry in the content by utilizing the deduction reasoning thinking skills to build the structure geometry in an axiomatic system in solving the problems faced. Teachers play an important role in pushing the speed students through a higher level of thinking through the right exercises. Suggestions for further research can develop on different topics but still within the context of algebraic geometry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.