Exogenous and Endogenous Impacts into Teachers’ Work Performance Sphere

  •  Nasrun Nasrun    


By this synopsis research which conveyed of findings to unfold mutual effect between teachers’ performance and incentive scheme and teachers’ personal competency, and principal leadership, and work motivation, by means of explanatory research in which ex facto method was ad hock model chosen because of classified as non-experiment. The grounds populations of research target were upon teachers of Public Senior High School around Medan city which the total about 1446 teachers, 241 teachers set out as sample apart. Though Ex post facto as a means to examine proposed hypothesis it was found significant influence between free variable teacher’s personal competence toward work motivation and teacher’s work performance as bound variable. Carried out with statistical descriptive analysis and inferential analysis. Alluded to inferential analysis by technically path coefficient analysis whereby direct contribution of: 1) incentive scheme toward work motivation was 41%, 2) teachers personal competency toward work motivation was 17%. 3) Principal leadership toward work motivation was 25%. 4) Incentive scheme toward teachers’ work performance 17%. 5) Principal leadership toward teachers’ work performance was 16%. 6) Work motivation toward teachers’ work performance was 39%.

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