Investigation of Historical Characters in Republic of Turkey Revolution History and Kemalism Course Books (1993-2012)

  •  Mustafa Safran    
  •  Cengiz Donmez    
  •  Kubilay Yazici    
  •  Baris Ciftci    


T.R. Revolution History and Kemalism courses have a crucial function in our educational system in terms of making people embrace governmental ideology, teaching them recent national history, and constituting citizenship acquisition. In constituting the acquisition of behavioural and cognitive changes in these three target areas, the topics that are covered in T.R. Revolution History and Kemalism course books, and format and presentation of these topics have altered in time, whilst the existence of historical characters have not changed. This study is a qualitative study, and the data were gathered through document analysis. The study presents important data about historical characters that take place in T.R. Revolution History and Kemalism course books published in 1993-2012. The results of the study show that the number, frequency and use of historical characters in each book are different.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.