Improvement of Human Resources Quality through Vocational Training in Tourism in Karimunjawa Islands (Central Java, Indonesia): A Pro-Economical Tourism Approach

  •  S. Putro    
  •  Sukirno Sukirno    
  •  Budi S.    
  •  Didik W.    


The effort to improve human resource quality is not easy to be implemented. This effort becomes more complicated to do when implemented to the group of poor community, especially in this case marginal community of small island. This research analyzes the characteristic of poor household in small island as well as the strategy of poverty eradication through the improvement of human resource quality. This is a qualitative research supported by quantitative approach. Data was collected through in-depth interview, focus group discussion, and survey. Research result indicates that the groups of traditional farmers and fishermen spread out of Karimunjawa islands who are categorized extremely poor and having limited human resource. In one side, Karimunjawa apparently has a potential to be a tourist spot. Karimunjawa inhabitants are interested to take part in economical tourism activity. This study recommends a strategy to eradicate poverty and improve human resource quality through Pro-Poor Tourism (PPT) Approach which is based on vocational tourism training.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.