Limited Intervention at Sub Concept of Fractions in the Object Conversion into Fractions

  •  Henry Kurniawan    
  •  Toto Nusantara    
  •  Subanji Subanji    
  •  Susiswo Susiswo    
  •  Iwan Setiawan    
  •  Akbar Sutawidjaja    
  •  Abdur As’ari    
  •  Makbul Muksar    


This research is an exploratory study with a qualitative approach, which is based on interviews with a task-based the purpose of this study is to describe the understanding of elementary school students in interpreting sub concept fractions in changing of the object is given to fractions with limit intervention. While intervention on problems solving mathematical in a fraction of this is an attempt to change behavior, thoughts and feelings of a person to develop the students’ knowledge in achieving the objectives of the fractions learning experience.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.