Problems of the Immigrant Students’ Teachers: Are They Ready to Teach?

  •  Figen Eres    


Aim of the study is to investigate the problems faced by the teachers’ of immigrant children living in Turkey. The study was conducted based on the qualitative phenomenological research design and purposive sampling method was used. Qualitative research technique was used to collect, analyze and interpret data and technically content analysis was used in this research. A semi-structured interview schedule prepared in accordance with the qualitative research approach is used as a data collection tool. As a result of the analysis, it was found that main problems face by these teachers were categorized as problems caused by the Ministry of Education, adaptation problems of the students and problems related with the migrant parents. Among them, most complained problems were those caused by the Ministry of Education. Depending on the data obtained, it can be said that, Ministry of Education has no policy or planning about the education of the migrants and the teachers were not prepared for the education and training of migrant children. Another finding was the indifference of the migrant parents regarding the school. A striking point in the study was that the teachers never mentioned about the problems concerning the differences of race, ethnicity or gender. As a result of the evaluation, it is suggested that the Ministry of Education should provide language training for immigrants and care more about the equivalence of the students, training teachers and candidate teachers about immigrant pedagogy and to develop better relations between the school and the migrant families.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.