From the Pulpits to the Boards: A Study on Prospective Second Career Teachers in Turkey

  •  Ali Unisen    
  •  Huseyin Polat    


Teaching career is the widest state employment type in Turkey. The career is resourced by many higher education institutions besides the ones deploying regular teacher training programs. Teacher candidates other than the graduates from education faculties have to attend a program specially designed to instruct on foundations of education such as theories, principles, strategies, planning, teaching methods and assessment. That alternative teacher certification program paves the way to transition to teaching career as well. This study was carried out with 11 religious officials who intend to shift into teaching career. The data was collected through 5 essays written by each participant while they were attending the program. The study was conducted as content analyses of total 55 essays. The analyses revealed that the participants, 1 preacher-woman, 4 mosque leaders-preachers and 6 Quran instructors, did not display any role confliction, intended to use their skills and experiences developed through their current careers selectively. The results were discussed with relevant available literature.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.