Analysis of Bilateral Effects between Social Undermining and Co-Creation among University Faculty Members

  •  Fatima Taherpour    
  •  Saeed Rajaeepour    
  •  Ali Siadat    
  •  Iraj Kazemi    


Understanding the social undermining is increasing important in organizational literature both because of its relation with job performance and because of its collective cost to individuals and organizations. This article argued that social undermining can effect on co-creation among faculty members. The study adopted a descriptive–correlational method. The statistical population of the study consisted university faculty members in Iran, that 235 members were selected as the participants using stratified random sampling consistent with the sample size. Social undermining was examined using Duffy et al. (2002) Questionnaire and co-creation were examined using researcher-made questionnaire based on co-creation DART model. Also the reliability of the questionnaire were computed using Cronbach’s alpha (0.94 for social undermining and 0.96 for co-creation questionnaire).Results based on data from a sample of university faculty members showed a negative relationship between social undermining and co-creation and were meaningful at 0.05 level of significance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.