A Management Strategy for the Improvement of Private Universities Lecturers’ Professional Competences

  •  Mimin Suhaemi    
  •  Nur Aedi    


Lecturers are professional educators and scientists whose main job is to transform, develop, and disseminate knowledge, technology, and art through education, research and community services. As professionals, in Indonesia, lecturers are expected to possess pedagogic, personal, social, and professional competences. However, in reality, the professional competences of private university lecturers are still low. It has been established that the masterly of learning materials, the understanding of the pedagogic content and substance, and the use of appropriate teaching and learning methodologies are still low. Thus, the present study aimed to reveal, explain, and find a model of management which can better improve services in the private universities across Indonesia, especially, the improvement of lecturers’ professional competences. The research employed a descriptive-analytic method, which aimed to reveal current events that impact positively on the improvement of private university lecturers’ professional competences. This research, has revealed that the policies of lecturer planning and preparation by teacher training institutions are still weak and less concerned with the aspect of needs assessment or mapping; lecturer competence development has not been handled sufficiently thus, ignoring the stduents needs; the management strategy of lecturers’ competence improvement has not been well-coordinated; the management aspect as well as lecturer continuous professional development has failed to consider reward and punishment, hence affecting lecturer competences.  In the effort for further clarification, SWOT analysis was applied which also revealed that among the factors supporting lecturer development was the high motivation and othe inner personal factors. This means there should be special strategies of management development that positively influence lecturer professional competences and quality.

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