Formation of Future Teachers’ Professional Competence on the Basis of Polylingual Approach: The State Analysis

  •  Ainur Zhorabekova    


Nowadays the institutions of higher education are facing new challenges, the which aim is to provide highly qualified specialists who have mastered not only professional knowledge, but also ready for intercultural multilingual communication, solving problems independently, teaching subjects in two or more languages. For teacher training, we need a polylingual multicultural environment, design and implementation of new technologies. In addition, content and language integrated learning will contribute to it, which is one of polylingual approaches. Therefore, the aim of our study is to analyze the state of formation of future teachers’ professional competence on the basis of polylingual approach. According to the developed diagnostic techniques, professional competence consists of three components: motivational, cognitive and operational. On the basis of these components there are highlighted criteria, indicators and levels characterizing the formation of the future teacher’s professional competence on the basis polylingual approach. The study presents the results of verifying experiment.

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