Involvement of Higher Education in Building Human Resources Character in the Era of Globalization

  •  Ishomuddin Ishomuddin    


In general, the objectives of this study were to explain the role played by universities in improving its human resources are office holders, lecturers, and students, explain the program what is being done related to the improvement of human resources, and explains the non-academic program to support the implementation of a program that has been prepared so as to ensure the creation of academic atmosphere and moral. This research is using a qualitative approach. Data collection method is observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. After determining the selected object, it is then determined subjects and informants who serve as a source of information, other than information derived from observation and documents. The data obtained were analyzed using qualitative descriptive. From these results it can be concluded that in the current era of globalization sensitize the managers of private universities to constantly make changes both in management of students, lecturers, and academic. Of the top ten universities in East Java, which is the object of research has done on average conditionally adjustment and in accordance with their respective capabilities to actualize development programs as outlined in the master plan and development plan strategy as a guide.

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