Reasons for University Students’ Violence in Jordan

  •  Yazid Alshoraty    


The aim of this study was to examine the reasons for students’ violence at Jordanian Universities from the viewpoint of the Hashemite University students. The sample consisted of 521 male and female students, chosen randomly. To collect data, the researcher designed a three- domain questionnaire. The findings of the study revealed that the most important reasons for violence were the reasons related to students (weak commitment to Islamic values, weak resort to psychological and educational counseling, forming student groups on the basis of kinship and areas, and student frustration caused by low grades), then the reasons related to society (defending the honor of family or tribe, wrong socialization, tribal support for students who resort to violence, prevalence of the culture of tribal solidarity, the great importance given to the size of the family or tribe, and pressure of some officials and influential people to reduce punishments imposed on students who resort to violence), and finally the reasons related to universities (policy of exceptions in university admissions, lack of concentration on skills of critical thinking and problem solving, weak culture of dialogue, and lack of concentration on the values of tolerance and forgiveness). Also, the results showed that there were no differences in the students’ perception of the reasons for of university violence due to their sex, college, academic year and grade point average.

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