Counselling Services Utilisation in a Malaysia Private University

  •  Benjamin Yin-Fah    
  •  Yeoh Sok-Foon    
  •  Melissa Migin    


University can be an exciting yet challenging transition for students. Many universities provide counselling services to students who need it during their tertiary studies but many students tend to avoid counselling. This study was conducted to identify the counselling service experience among undergraduate students. The emphasis was on the past experiences, awareness, attitude and perceived barriers on the intention and utilisation of the counselling services. This study found that past experiences, awareness and intention to use has a significant relationship with utilise counselling services within their universities. On the contrary, attitude and perceived barriers to admission is not comprehended as a factor to seeking counselling. These determinants are useful reference for university counsellors for their planning and implementation to create further awareness of their counselling sessions for their students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.