Integration of the InTime Technique in the Neurodynamic Program of Assistance to Children with Learning Disabilities

  •  Faina Ratner    
  •  Victoria Efimova    
  •  Oleg Efimov    


The article describes the results of application of the inTime neuroacoustic training by Advanced Brain Technologies (USA) when they were organizing assistance to children who had learning disabilities. This training optimizes the functional state of the brain by using sounds of various frequency and rhythm. The effectiveness of the inTime technique was monitored by the Complex Auditory Subcortical Evoked Responces (CASER) functional diagnostic test developed by the specialists of the Prognoz Children’s Neurological Center (St. Petersburg, Russia). The article shows that the inTime program improves the effectiveness of intervention to overcome learning disabilities. This method is suggested to be used in schools in order to support learning process of children with learning disabilities as well as to prevent to help children of the risk group.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.