A Strategic Plan of Academic Management System as Preparation for EAC Accreditation Visit—From UKM Perspective

  •  Mohammad Ab-Rahman    
  •  Abdul Yusoff    
  •  Nasrul Abdul    
  •  Afiq Hipni    


Development of a robust platform is important to ensure that the engineering accreditation process can run smoothly, completely and the most important is to fulfill the criteria requirements. In case of Malaysia, the preparation for EAC (Engineering Accreditation Committee) assessment required a good strategic plan of academic management system and a systematic documentation process. Academic management system and departmental documentation system must be designed to meet the accreditation requirements on development, evaluation and improvement of the system. These three strategic stages are important in ensuring that the programs offered are correctly executed in supporting demands for industries. By practicing a good management and proper documentation, it will definitely reduce lecturers’ workload and ensure quality improvement of their work as professional educators.

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