Mobile-Assisted Learning as a Condition for Effective Development of Engineering Students’ Foreign Language Competence

  •  Vassiliy Krivoruchko    
  •  Aigul Raissova    
  •  Inna Makarikhina    
  •  Gulnar Yergazinova    
  •  Bayan Kazhmuratova    


In this article we focus on the conditions for effective development of foreign language competence that is technologically oriented methods of teaching a foreign language. The use of computers provides ample opportunities for implementation of activity and student-centered approaches, reorganization of the usual lesson structure, as well as providing the students with more autonomy. Currently, due to the extensive use of wireless devices, there is a new form of e-learning i.e. mobile learning. The experimental results showed that the use of mobile electronic multimedia courses increase the effectiveness of foreign language teaching, as in the absence of a real language environment, creates opportunity for immersion in an authentic foreign language environment, improve language competence in all kinds of speech activity, all of which leads to the development of students’ foreign language competence. These tools allow achieving results with less expenditure of time and effort, which is also an indicator for the efficiency of mobile learning means application in the development of foreign language competence.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.