Education Empowerment Model for the Disabled Learners: A Case Study at Cicendo School for Special Education

  •  Mustofa Kamil    
  •  Yanti Shantini    
  •  Sardin Sardin    


This paper originates from a study conducted to examine the challenges faced by the Schools for Special Education (SLB) in their effort to empower people living with disabilities. The study aimed: 1) to describe the stages involved in the education for empowerment of the disabled groups through schools for special education, 2) to present an education model appropriate for the empowerment of special groups, especially people living with disabilities and, 3) to explain the constraints and challenges faced by institutions in the empowerment of people living with disabilities. The study concludes that “an education empowerment model for the people living with disabilities can lead to formation of strong groups which are able to advocate for their own needs. In addition, this model can contribute to the improvement of knowledge and skills of the disabled persons.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.